Duo Vega "All in One" Kit

By Hanu Labs

$75.00 $90.00

Limited Edition - Duo VEGA "All in One" Kit

The Vega, the "bright star" a micro mouthpiece that packs a punch. Designed with intention to provide a micro offering of the classic bubbler. Especially great for a tasty power punched flower or concentrate experience. 

The kit includes the graphite and blanco micro bubblers, whip kit (14mm male adapter, 18mm female adapter, food safe tubing) and a zippered storage case. Also, we added a 7ml hemp based silicone storage container and a hemp based grinder for your added pleasure. 

The perfect kit for travel, no large heavy glass, accidental breakages while on the go. You can toss it in your bag with ease and just go! Enjoy your EVO while you travel or just maybe to share with a friend.