THREE Reasons Why Your Mom Deserves The Hanu Stone

This Mother's Day, treat your mom to the Hanu Stone.
1. Mother's deserve relaxation. Being a mother is hard work - period. From the worry-stone feel in the palm of her hand to the therapeutic benefits of vaping her favorite strain, the Hanu Stone is the ultimate gift of relaxation.
2. Mother's deserve simplicity. Is your mom new to cannabis and/or vaping? The Stone is beyond easy to use. All she has to do is drop in her pod and inhale. It's that simple.
3. Mother's deserve elegance. The beautiful river rock form of the Hanu Stone will fit seamlessly into your mom's sophisticated lifestyle. Its unique shape is natural and discreet and the smooth, rich vapor will leave her feeling luxuriously lifted.
Find out where you can pick up your mom's new Hanu Stone + Pod here.
Price: $70 for Hanu Stone. Pod pricing varies. Many retailers are running special Mother's Day deals so be sure to ask your in-store sales representative.