Introducing the Hanu Stone

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What is Hanu Stone?

The first of Hanu’s delivery system solutions, the Hanu Stone is a beautiful, intuitive and discreet portable vaporizer system that merges the absolute best in device technology with elegant, human- centered design and a curated selection of premium concentrates.

Who is the Hanu Stone for?

Consumers who desire a simple, elegant, discreet vaporizer that fits seamlessly into their lives and delivers a sublime experience from start to finish.

How is the Hanu Stone different from other vaporizers?

1. Human-centered design. The Stone is designed to achieve the perfect harmony of form, function and environment – going beyond the “gadget” – to fit seamlessly into your life.

2. A sublime experience, from start to finish. The Stone is beautiful to look at, feels wonderful to hold, elegant and intuitive to use, and delivers an exquisite high for the mind and the body.

3. Designed by experts you can trust to make the best. We have been pioneers in the acceptance and modernization of the cannabis industry since vaporization’s inception, and developing award-winning vaporizers for 6 consecutive years with our sister company, Vapexhale.

At Hanu our mission is to advance the experience of cannabis, CBD and herbal delivery systems lightyears beyond where it stands today through human-centered product design and partnerships.