Extract Partner Profile: Eve Farms


"Grown With Love"

Location: San Francisco, California.

*Parent Company Australian Natural Therapeutics Group (ANTG) is out of Australia

Eve Farms Mission: Eve Farms is a team of dedicated and passionate individuals all inspired by the therapeutic benefits of cannabis with our own unique story. We were brought together by our shared goal to only produce top shelf cannabis flowers and products so everyone can fully enjoy what this amazing plant offers. With quality and purity at the center of everything we do, each strain is carefully selected for its smell, taste, and effects. Our flowers are grown in our state-of-the-art facility in San Francisco with the utmost attention and care. We never use harsh chemical pesticides and every flower is hand manicured to preserve trichomes and the natural shape of each bud. We are launching our proprietary strain EVE which is an amazing 26:1 high CBD cultivar offering incredible healing and therapeutic benefits. We have also cross-bred her to find different ratios of cannabinoids and terpenes offering different experiences for our consumers. Get ready to experience the difference when cannabis is grown with love.

Eve Farms is made for: Anyone who enjoys high quality cannabis products.

The Eve Farms Difference: We are focused on the medical/therapeutic side of cannabis and also running clinical studies on our proprietary strain EVE.

Eve Farms Hanu Pods: 

EVE ORIGINAL: Live Resin Pods - High CBD. Effects: Head – Focused, relaxed, uplifted. Body – Warm buzzing, light as a feather. Smell: Lemon/lime with subtle tropical notes. Taste: ​Cherries, lemon, & lime. Best suited for: Anytime.
FORBIDDEN FRUIT x EVE: Live Resin Pods 1:1  thc:cbd. Effects: Head – Euphoric, clear minded. Body – Energetic, warm vibration. Smell: Cherries and fruit salad. Taste: Sweet and sour citrus candy. Best suited for: ​Daytime, creativity and outdoor activities.
Live Resin Pods 1:1  thc:cbd. Effects: Head – Clear headed, alert. Body – Warm, feel good. Smell: Sweet papaya syrup with additional citrus notes. Taste: ​Tropical jam with hints of citrus and subtle pepper. Best suited for: ​Anytime, light outdoor activity or relaxing inside. 

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