Extract Partner Profile: Eel River Organics

 "Strong Plants make Strong Extracts"

Location: Humboldt County, California

Eel River Organics Mission: To provide clean, sustainable, potent cannabis that is accessible to all.

Eel River Organics is made for: A conscious cannabis consumer that seeks a high quality, terpene-rich extract for the superior Hanu experience.

The Eel River Difference: 

Just The Plant. Our pods contain 100% pure cannabis oil made from sun grown, whole flower cannabis.  There are never any additives or fillers.

Richer Terpene Profile. Better Flavor. Nothing beats the flavor of dry-farmed cannabis. Unlike other brands, our plants grow in nature and are exposed to the elements along the bank of the eel river. The biodynamic, dry-farm cultivation method and outdoor growing conditions results in a plant that develops more resin and that creates higher thc content. Tn short, a richer terpene profile and more flavorful experience for you.

100% Full Spectrum OilWe carefully extract the whole flower to produce nectar oils. The result is a high-quality oil that includes the full range of cannabinoid goodness.

Eel River Organics Hanu Pods:

Chernobyl: 2018 Emerald Cup finalist, sativa strain, with citrus, floral and spicy tasting notes.

Ancient Lime: 2017 Emerald Cup finalist, sativa strain with lime, hops, and earth tasting notes. Strain exclusive to our terroir.

Sno-Gee: 2018 Emerald Cup finalist, indica strain with floral, pine and citrus tasting notes.

Purple Unicorn: 2018 Emerald Cup finalist, indica strain with berry, lavender, and pepper tasting notes.

Farmer's Choice 1:1 CBD blend with hops, floral and berry tasting notes.

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