Extract Partner Profile: ButterBrand


"ButterBrand Gives You More"

Location: San Francisco, California

ButterBrand Mission: To Elevate Consciousness in the Human Race.

ButterBrand is made for: Recreational consumers.

The ButterBrand Difference: Being a flower brand first and foremost, ButterBrand is thrilled to let you indulge into the expressions of our flower in these Hanu Stone Pods. We have produced a full spectrum, fully winterized CO2 oil, leaving flavonoids and fatty acids in the formulation to put the same smile on your face that our flower does, but in the convenience, portability and elegance of a Hanu Stone vaporizer.

ButterBrand Hanu Pods: 

Gelato - Where fruit meets gas, this Sunset Sherbert x GSC Thinmint crossing was Leafly 2018 strain of the year. Indica dominant hybrid. ButterBrand is well known for growing GSC Thinmint over the past 4 years so this was a natural evolution and fit.

Zkittlez - Taste the rainbow with this over the top fruity Indica has a cult following and has been a staple in the Butter flower repertoire. Pure fruit stripe gum flavor with powerful sedative qualities - this pod offering will highlight everything you love about Zkittlez in the convenience and luxury of a Hanu Stone Pod.

Sativa Landrace - A ButterBrand proprietary offering that highlights a rare Michoacan Mexican landrace male that was used to pollinate several new school strains in ButterBrand's stable. With an energetic and mind expanding buzz you will win the RACE with this Landrace blend. An artists' and musicians' dream that dropped on Cinco de Mayo to celebrate these rare Mexican heirloom genetics will round off the third Hanu Stone pod offering from ButterBrand.

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