Frequently Asked Questions

What size battery does the STONE have? 500 mh

Are the pods refillable? No

Where can I buy pods? Store Locator

Can I buy a STONE with out pods? Yes

Does my oil touch hot coils or wick? No, the STONE has a porous ceramic chamber that never touches the heating source directly or wick.

How long does the STONE stay on when I pull? 10 seconds 

What is the best way to clean the STONE shell? Lightly moisten a towel with water and gently clean the shell.

What is the best way to clean the inside of the STONE? Swab the inside of the STONE with a q-tip dipped in isopropyl alcohol. Make sure there is not an excess of isopropyl on the q tip. Be sure to let completely dry before use.

What if my pod is leaking? The pods are filled under pressure so the first time you use it, you may experience a small amount of oil that leaks out. This should only happen once and the best solution is to take a q-tip and dip in some isopropyl alcohol and clean the contact points on the bottom of the pod and the contact points inside the cavity of the STONE that receives the pod. Be sure to let both the contacts on the pod and the contacts inside the cavity of the STONE completely dry before use. We typically allow the unit to dry for 2-3 minutes before re-inserting the pod. DO NOT leave pods in heat i.e. hot car. If the problem persists, please email support@hanulabs.com.

I'm not getting connection light when I put my pod in, what can I do? 
1. Take your pod out of the device and wipe down the connection points with a qtip dipped in isopropyl alcohol on the bottom of the pod to ensure the surface is clean. You should also wipe down the contact points in the Stone device as well.
2. If that does not work, try and plug your device in and let it charge for 5 mins. Reinsert your pod and check. If the problem persists, please email support@hanulabs.com.

How do I know my battery is fully charged? You will know your STONE is fully charged when you plug in your device you see no light indication. The light on the device will not show when your device is fully charged.

How can I tell if my STONE is charging? You can tell your device is charging if the light band has a slow pulse.

How can I tell when my battery is low? You can tell your device needs to be charged if the light on the device is blinking.

How long is the warranty? 1 Year Limited Warranty

Can I hit the STONE w/o the cap on? Yes.

How can I set up a wholesale account for the STONE? Please contact our wholesale team at sales@hanulabs.com

Can I use a different usb cable to charge? Yes

Is the STONE usb c? No, micro usb.

How many hits do I get per charge? It depends, but should be around 250 - 10 second draws per charge.

How long does it take to fully charge? 30 mins